School Visits

School Visits

Kwame loves speaking at schools, libraries, organizations and conferences about his passion for literacy, books and the craft of writing. He loves sharing his passion and motivating others. His school visit presentations and conference keynotes do cost, and we understand that sometimes the fees are too much for organizations with struggling budgets. For information on how to fund author visits check out articles on Kwame’s booking agent's website The Booking Biz.


“Thank you (Kwame Alexander) so much for a fantastic visit to Berkeley. Our kids loved seeing you. You spread the love of reading, poetry and positive attitude so much. The energy in the room yesterday was off the charts amazing! You had kids dancing and popping, even in the very back row. And I was stunned by how thoughtful and interesting the kids' questions were.” Mary Ann Scheuer, Teacher/Librarian Berkeley, CA Unified School District

“We had the most amazing time of my whole career--there was such synergy in our middle school. Moms and dads, students and faculty, were all so energized and moved. During the entire process you have been so helpful (and quick!), in responding to all of the little things that have come up. Thank you!!! This truly has been an excellent experience!” –Sarah Gaetano, ELA Teacher, Clinton Middle School, NY

Scholarships and Follett Book Fairs

Kwame chooses three events a year to grant a scholarship to. To apply and be considered for this opportunity, please forward your letter/proposal to KA Productions, 21010 Southbank #1040, Potomac Falls, VA 20165.

Also consider reaching out to set up a book fair with Follett Book Fairs. You may be one of several, randomly chosen schools that Kwame surprises during the Fall and Spring.

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